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Indoor Laser Tag Equipment

One of the really cool things about ARENA-X is that we are compatible with most of the top laser tag equipment manufacturers.

However, when it comes to our turnkey packages, we have been working with LaserBlast since 2008 and have found them to have the most advanced laser tag technology, superior equipment durability, support and long term customer service. Currently, ARENA-X performs and meets our operational goals best, with the Cyberblast system from LaserBlast.


CyberBlast is unique in the laser tag industry. In 2011 LaserBlast introduced wireless laser-tag charging racks (an exclusive operational stroke of genius), and in 2013 they unveiled the CyberBlast event editor. For more information and a complete video review of the CyberBlast system, stop by SMART Laser Tag.

The Event Editor - Laser Tag Flexibility

Along with industry leading durability and ease of operations, the CyberBlast event editor is the system backbone we use to create unlimited games and unique missions. Full lighting, sound, video and arena management provides your center with fantastic laser tag for your base demographic of weekend parties, groups and walk-ins, but it's under the hood proprietary horsepower and flexibility is what gives ARENA-X the power to create in-depth missions, role-playing and simulation gaming. 

As we have seen elsewhere (our youtube channel), ARENA-X has been specifically designed to overcome the inevitable "been there - done that" syndrome that sets in once your players have become familiar with your game. Using the CyberBlast system from LaserBlast, our strategy is to set your laser tag technology on the best foundation today, so over the long term of your business we have the most flexibility to continue to grow sales and profitability.

It's a strategy that makes your investment future-proof.

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