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arena-x is a video game add-on for laser tag

New Entertainment Paradigm

Here's the fact of the matter. The market has changed, and continues to change.

The average aged video game player today is 30 years old. No longer teenage boys playing HALO in the basement, this new group of video-gamers has grown up on high-fidelity, fully interactive, authentic gaming experiences, and is now looking for that same experience outside of the home.

Yet many in our business, continue to insist that laser tag is a kids game for 6 to 12 year olds only. In our opinion, this is nonsense thinking and a disability for your laser tag investment.

A well designed laser tag attraction can do much more than old-school laser tag.

Meet ARENA-X...

ARENA-X is a video game add-on for laser tag. Turning your laser tag equipment and stale old arena maze into a turnkey laser tag attraction that has the broadest market appeal, across all seven days of the week. Great for weekend parties, groups and walk-ins, but also an attraction to drive membership sales, corporate events, team games and team building during the slower mid-week dead-zone.

The typical family fun center does 70% or more of it's business on the weekends... leaving a huge block of opportunity mid-week when most laser tag centers sit empty. This is our target. Along with pulling paid traffic into your center for awesome laser tag on weekends, we create a laser tag / arena experience that pulls repeat, older traffic into your facility by providing a unique set of evolving storylines, missions, and team challenges that replicate and go beyond their at home video game experiences.

Future-Proof Your Laser Tag Attraction

ARENA-X provides owners with a clear, long term path to ongoing arena updates and upgrades. Choose from a growing menu of mission-based role-playing games and simulations, that over time keep your arena experience fresh and evolving. Just like popular video games, players become addicted to the mission, and the next acheivement and must continue to play the game. 

ARENA-X laser tag combines the very best of today's laser tag technology, with themed environmental controls for lighting, sound effects, video and other large format multi-media effects and interactivity. It creates an entirely new, multi-purpose laser tag gaming environment designed to attract and capture the greatest possible revenues from your laser tag arena design.

For more information on how an ARENA-X laser tag design can put your business on top, feel free to reach out to us any time.

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