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Laser Tag Themeing

Get the BIGGEST Bang for Your Laser Tag Themeing!

Laser tag themeing is a necessary expense for most laser tag facilities, because the simple truth is that in today's entertainment market, our guests have very high expectations when it comes to their entertainment spending. In today's ever-present connected world, we are surrounded by the latest technology and whiz-bang, and we are all bombarded with insanely rich multi-media games, immersive hand-held devices and interactive advertising daily.

Everything is on-demand, high definition and completely interactive. This is what your customers expect when they come to your themed laser tag facility. An experience that warrants their time and their money... one which provides an authentic experience that is something to recall, to share and most importantly, creates desire to do again and again. 

Themed Laser Tag Investment

The graphic below is from a 2012 report on the video game business done by the ESA (electronic software association). Although it's 5 years old now, the trends have continued.

In today's market, the average aged video game player is 30 years old, and the break down between male and female gamers is almost 50/50. No longer the the domain of teenage boys in the basement, games are every where.. and you need to appeal to this new experienced "gamer" and a changing laser tag entertainment paradigm.

spending on laser tag theming should create multi-purpose arena design

Because of this new gamer paradigm, you need to approach your laser tag theme as an investment vs. an expense.

Just as you are investing in your laser tag equipment, you are investing in your arena theming, and as an extension - your market opportunity and your marketing, and it will pay back BIG if done correctly. Quality themed laser tag design will create a return on that investment - in repeat traffic, great word of mouth advertising, and an opportunity to deliver rich, interactive experiences customers across a broad age range are looking for.

Themeing With Purpose

Our approach to your arena themeing is very focused.

Rather than theme every square foot of your arena, we target specific areas that make sense within the gameplay. We call it 'themeing with purpose" and it provides laser tag operators with an opportunity to evlove their arena over time by adding new themed components and updates. This strategy creates a more exciting arena for your guests, ties into your storyline and new missions as they are uploaded, and continues to offer something new for your players.

SIDE NOTE: If you are located in a small town, with no other fun center options for miles around, you are in a position where theming your laser tag facility may not require such an investment. However, if you are to be located in an area where there is, or very well could be competition within the next couple of years, your story, your laser tag theming needs careful consideration and development. Themeing with purpose gives you too a path forward in the long term revenues and profitability of your laser tag arena.

Feel free to reach out to us to further discuss and review materials on how Laser Tag Themeing directly relates to profits.


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