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How We Work

Laser tag arena - how we work

Laser Tag Arena Design

There are many arena builders and laser tag themeing companies out there, and we work with all of them.

Make no mistake, the long term profitability of your laser tag business is based - in large part - on the effective and efficient design of your facility layout and arena environment. The kind of games you offer today, the players and groups you can attract and the kind of games you are able to offer in the years to come, all play a central role in your profitability. You do wish to be profitable, yes?

You only get one chance to create a profitable design. How we do that differently...

How We Work

Working with our customers, we think through the long term application of your business, today and 6 years down the road from now. How is your business going to be affected by your market? How are we going to keep repeat players coming back? How will we attract new players over time? How can we maximize every revenue opportunity for the attraction? 

These questions and more help in the development and final design of your laser tag arena. They also provide a foundation on which we create a game update strategy, keeping your attraction fresh and exciting based on the local demand and new business opportunities over time.

This long term use and revenue objectives of our customers, combined with a turnkey laser tag equipment package gets the right design for their budget, facility layout and market opportunity.

We then get to work on designing your arena as a complete turnkey package. If you are currently working with a laser tag equipment manufacturer, or theme company, we can put together an arena game package that works for everyone.

If you are not that far along yet, we can work with you from the ground up on a custom laser tag attraction by providing a one-stop shop. We'll help you with your planning, hunt for location, layout and design, equipment purchases and complete attraction build-out. A full, turnkey laser tag attraction service.

Once the pre-opening marketing begins, we provide ongoing assistance with that marketing and our sales plan, helping new laser tag operators grow their business, FAST. We work with you to find and attract "pre-booked" business for your slower weekdays, and we provide ongoing game updates with new missions, new games, new role-play scenarios and team experiences to drive membership sales and keep those players coming back again and again.

For a personal tour of the complete ARENA-X package, lets set some time for a no obligation chat... call us any time.


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