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Indoor Laser Tag - Welcome.

Laser tag is a great game, and as a fun center attraction has proven itself to be a money-maker for those who do it right. The challenge with laser tag, in our opinion - is that most operators do not exploit the full revenue potential of a well designed, laser tag attraction.

Not because they don't want to - but because they don't know how. 

Laser Tag Design

As with any great product, it usually comes down to functional design, which drives the user experience and ultimately profitability.

ARENA-X has been specifically designed to help laser tag operators drive as much paid, repeat traffic through the doors as possible. All age groups, every day of the week.

In the following pages, we provide a basic snapshot of the ARENA-X product and some of its awesome features and long-term revenue opportunity. First, find out why ARENA-X, then take a look at our preferred laser tag equipment provider and other ideas from the ARENA-X store. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions or just want to talk about your fun center goals, feel free to call our office any time. We'll call you back on our dime and we can spend some time talking about the great game of laser tag. 

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Laser Tag Arena Design

The great game of laser tag, is fun for all ages, and given that there is a real market opportunity, it's success in your market is really based on a two factor formula - your laser tag arena design and your laser tag equipment - together, as a synergetic system. These two components need to work in tandem to create the best laser tag experience for your guests.

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Multi-Purpose Arena Design

Perhaps this phrase is new to you in the context of laser tag arena design, however it is our Core Mission. Let's design your arena to attract every possible player and dollar we can.

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Laser Tag - Turnkey

ARENA-X Turnkey is a complete attraction / opportunity for amusement developers and fun center owners who want to maximize their laser tag investment, ensuring the greatest possible investment return, while reducing costly mistakes and the time needed to opening.

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